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September 5, 2018

In fact, there were eight Rangers with us at the Nature Area on Thursday August 16th – and their two Team Leaders.

The Stewardship Youth Ranger Program is sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and provides summer employment opportunities for students supporting community projects relating to environmental stewardship and resource management.

The hardworking crew cleared brush and weeds from the area surrounding the snake hibernaculum; along the walking paths behind the sewage treatment plant, and south to the cobblestone beach. They then turned their attention to the bike path leading to the new bridge. They finished the day clearing the trail adjacent to the lookout platform at the southern end of the Nature Area on the west side of Wilmot Creek.

“We were delighted to have the Rangers with us again this year,” said SWNA Advisory Committee chair Brian Reid who, along with Committee members Leo Blindenbach and Rod McArthur, were on hand to provide direction and additional hands. “The Rangers have assisted our group on at least three other occasions. It’s amazing how much they can accomplish in a short period of time.”


During lunch break, Mr. Reid talked to the crew about the history and ecology of the Nature Area.

“They were really interested in the salmon hatchery and Samuel Wilmot’s efforts to restore Atlantic Salmon in the late nineteenth century.“ said Reid. Earlier this year, the Advisory Committee organised a presentation by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters on the subject of current efforts to restore Atlantic Salmon to the Great Lakes.

“At the end of their working day, the Rangers even drove to Belmont House to see where it all began!”

Thank you Team Leaders Natalie and Alysse, and Rangers Jasmine, Matt, River, Kaeden, Haohan, Rhys, Matt and Russel, for all your hard work. It was great working with you!


Article by Brian Reid

Photos by Leo Blindenbach


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